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29 Апреля 2019 / We invite you to the triathlon championship in Kapshagay!

We invite you to the triathlon championship in Kapshagay!

Dear triathletes! The championship of Kazakhstan on a triathlon will take place in Kapshagay on May, 18-19. On the threshold of this big event we decided to tell you a little about the history and modern life of this reservoir.

Kapshagay is one of the largest reservoirs in Kazakhstan. Its length is 180 km, width is 22 km, maximum depth is 45 meters. Today it is the most visited summer vacation spot in Almaty region, where you can fish, swim and sunbathe.


One of the largest tourist portals of the world says the next about the rest on this reservoir: “Kapshagay is a satellite of Almaty, a small resort town with a developed tourist and recreation complex. On the coast of the Kapshagay reservoir there are over 240 zones and recreation centers, boarding houses and sanatoriums that have comfortable cottages, summer cafes, parking lots, a full range of services. Fishing is wonderful in Kapshagai. It is possible to catch breams, carps, asps, perches, catfishes and snakeheads".


The Ili River flows into Kapshagay. In 1253-55, the famous French monk-traveler Guillaume de Rubrouck, the charge d'affaires of Louis the IX, who made a Christian mission to Mongolia, wrote about this river in his report: "we found there a large river, through which it was necessary to cross the ship". 


The reservoir itself was created in 1969 to regulate the flow of the Ili River in the narrow Kapshagai Gorge formed by the rocks. There was built a dam and Kapshagay hydroelectric station. Water filling began in 1970.

Kapshagay is a water sports center. Competitions in swimming, windsurfing are regularly held on the shore of the reservoir, there is also a yacht club. The Republic of Kazakhstan's triathlon championship in Kapshagay will be held for the first time. Expected daytime weather is + 25 ° C, at night it is + 12.0 ° C. Expected water temperature is + 18 ° C.



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