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14 Ноября 2018 / Triathlon: equal opportunities for all

Triathlon: equal opportunities for all

On December 14, 2018, World Class Almaty fitness club will host the II World Triathlon Championship for children from boarding schools and orphanages MY WIN TRIATHLON ALMATY.

131 pupils aged from 7 to 16 years from the SOS Children's Village, boarding schools No 10 and 17 will take part in the competitions. In addition, 24 small athletes from Special Correctional Boarding School No. 9 for children with severe speech disorders of the Education Department of Almaty will also be competing on a par with everyone.

Triathlon includes a multisports race, consisting of three stages: swimming, cycling and running. Score distances: aquatlon (50 m - swimming, 1 km - running), Super sprint triathlon (100 m - swimming, 5 km - cycling stage, 1 km - running). Participants will be divided into age groups: 4-5-1 grade, 6th grade, 8-10th grade.

The championship is held by: the project “MY WIN”, Almaty Triathlon Federation, KF “Courage to be the first” (organized by Almaty Marathon), World Class Almaty. Preparatory training for the participants of the championship from September 1, 2018 is conducted by experienced triathlon coaches, master of sports Yevgeny Azaryev, Dmitry Khan and Ilya Gusakov. Every day for three months, children are engaged in swimming pools and sports halls.

After the championship, all young athletes will be awarded with prizes. And the winners in their age groups will be given bicycles and vouchers to summer camps.

As the head of the project “MY WIN”, Lyubov Pak, noted, MY WIN TRIATHLON competitions are held to popularize and further develop triathlon and cyclic sports in Kazakhstan, promoting healthy lifestyles among boarding schools for the poor, orphanages and children with disabilities, as well as to create an atmosphere of sports rivalry, to provide athletes with equal opportunities and fair competition. But the most important thing that the organizers of the start want to achieve is to make the children feel needed by society, live as a sports family, be healthy and self-confident!


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