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18 Февраля 2019 / The women of Kazakhtan will have an opportunity to join triathlon trainings for free

The women of Kazakhtan will have an opportunity to join triathlon trainings for free

First in CIS Kazakhstani project on women’s triathlon development is about to start in Almaty. Women Tri Club Almaty is women's club of Age group triathletes’ from Almaty. 

This new sport community is organized by Yelena Kun who is the first certified IRONMAN coach in Kazakhstan with the support of Kazakhtan Triathlon Federation and Almaty Triathlon Federation. 

The trainings of Women Tri Club Almaty will be free of charge following the main goal of the organization which is the popularization of triathlon and achieving gender equality in triathlon.

-    It does not matter how old you are, what weight you have, what sports experience (or its absence), how much free time you have, - says Yelena Kun, multiple IRONMAN finisher.

-    In this project I do not sacrifice my time and energy. I want to develop women's triathlon in Kazakhstan for personal selfish reasons. This is my city, my country, my sport, my "habitat", my group of like-minded people. It is in my interest and power to make life around me even more exciting. I want women to understand that triathlon is not a sport for «iron» people. This is a sport for those who can dream and believe in themselves or wants to believe in themselves.

The project program includes training and full support of a professional coach. Elena can answer any questions concerning running, swimming, bicycle races, nutrition, competition plan, sports equipment, sleep mode, health, weight, emotional attitude both as a theorist and as a practitioner.
It should be noted that in Kazakhstan triathlon is gaining phenomenal popularity. In 2019, 16 races, where Age group could participate, are planned in the Kazakhstan. There are IRONMAN 70.3 Astana, TEMIRADAM Cup, Almaty Open Triathlon Indoor Championships. These races are great opportunities for Women Tri Club Almaty participants to prove themselves and make triathlon not just a routine fitness, but a real gambling hobby with victories and defeats filled with invaluable experience and knowledge about themselves.

-     Ignore your complexes and imaginary barriers; give yourself a chance to live more interesting, be an inspiring example for others! – Yelena calls for women to participate. 

The first training for the future Champions will take place on February 24, 2019. You can register by phone +7 701 755 58 92 ahhh!


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