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17 Июня 2019 / Swim, cycle, run! Why has triathlon become a popular sport in Kazakhstan

Swim, cycle, run! Why has triathlon become a popular sport in Kazakhstan

More and more Kazakhstan people are choosing triathlon as the kind of sports they'd like to do - a multisport race consisting of successively overcoming three stages: open water swimming, cycling and running. The Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation (KTF) has scheduled for about 20 national and international competitions for 2019. The KTF General Secretary Maksim Kryat shared what exactly awaits Kazakhstan triathletes. 
What are the goals for KTF in 2019?

- This year our team faces several tasks. The most important task is to make the leaders of our national triathlon team get to the Olympic qualification rating and conquest the quota for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Another task of great concern is to provide high level organisation of five major international competitions scheduled - the World Cup and the Ironman 70.3 in Astana, three Asian Cups in Shymkent, Almaty and Aktau.
One more task important in terms of strategy which we work hard on is the development and popularization of triathlon in all regions of Kazakhstan.

What changes have occurred in the composition of the national triathlon team this year? How was the selection organised?

- The selection, as in the previous year, was carried out according to the national rating. This season, Ayan Beysenbaev, Meirlan Iskakov, Arina Shulgina and Gaziza Kumakbaeva were included in the main team. And Daryn Konysbayev, Sabyrzhan Kosak, Aleksandr Avtushko and Semyon Pivovarov retained their positions in the national team.


Who is claiming the right to compete in Tokyo among the members of the national team?

- We place high hopes on the leaders of the national rating - Arina Shulgina from Nur-Sultan and Ayana Beysenbayeva from Akmola region. Daryn Konysbaev (Nur-Sultan) also has a chance to qualify, provided that he will continue to train at such a high level as he is training now.

Of course, we would like our leading athletes to successfully perform at the Olympic track qualifying stage of the World Cup in Tokyo. We are also waiting for our athletes to climb the podiums of the Asian Championships, where a large number of Olympic points will be played. And, in case we have a “successful summer”, we are planning to show good results at the World Championship in Lausanne (Switzerland) in the autumn.


How is children triathlon developed in Kazakhstan? 

- Over the past two years, in cooperation with local akimats, we have opened 11 triathlon schools in 11 regions of the country, where more than 500 children are currently studying. Traditionally, a large number of children are engaged in triathlon in the Akmola region, in Shymkent, in Nur-Sultan and in Almaty. The figures are increasing, triathlon schools are all filled with more and more kids. These children is our reserve. We expect that in 5 years these 13-year-olds will join the ranks of our national team and represent Kazakhstan in the international arena with dignity.

At the same time, we are attracting more and more new specialists, trying to make the lessons not only interesting, but also as effective as possible. In this regard, at the initiative of the KTF President Karim Masimov, the first training manual for triathlon coaches in Kazakhstan was created. Coaching staff is constantly undergoing qualification trainings. “Related specialists” appear, i.e. specialists come to us from swimming, athletics and cycling, who want to change their qualification to triathlon coaches and train children.

What is new for Kazakhstani triathlon fans this year?

- Within the framework of the TEMIRADAM Cup, amateur triathletes will have the opportunity to take part both in national competitions and in international competitions that will be held in Kazakhstan. For example, in the beginning of June the World Cup will be held in Nur-Sultan, in which amateurs will also take part. And on August 3-4, the Asian Cup will be held in Almaty on Lake Sairan for the second time - the ASTC Asian Cup is the brightest sporting event of the summer season in the southern capital. 


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