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26 Марта 2019 / Сhildren from boarding schools and orphanages in Amaty are taught triathlon for free

Сhildren from boarding schools and orphanages in Amaty are taught triathlon for free

The third stage of the project «MY WIN» is taking place in Almaty, where 120 children from boarding schools and orphanages learn how to swim, run and ride a bike.

The project "MY WIN" is carried out by the private charity foundation «Champ1on» with the support of the Almaty Triathlon Federation.


«The goal of our event is to provide access to sport activities to children from orphanages, children with disabilities and children from poor families so that they can feel needed by society, grow healthy and confident” said President of "Champ1on" foundation Lyubov Pak. - In 2018, we have already conducted two phases of the project. They concluded that every day for three months our coaches - Yevgeniy Azaryev (International Master of Sports in swimming, Ironman), Dmitriy Khan (Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in swimming, Ironman), Alexandr Men (Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in swimming) - absolutely free of charge taught kids the skills of triathlon. We held two championships, following which all the children (120 people in each championship) received prizes, such as bicycles and trips to summer recreation camps».


This year, the coaching staff has replenished with four other masters of triathlon. Coaches of fitness club "World Class Almaty", international master of sports in swimming Yuliya Sinitsyna, candidate master of sports in water polo Eduard Safiullin, master of sports in cycling Nikita Fedotovskikh and candidate master of sports in synchronized swimming Ayaulym Mashtiyeva volunteered to help children. 


The training involves three groups of children, which consist of 42 children from the Special Boarding School № 1 for children with hearing and speech impairments, 35 children from the Almaty Regional Orphanage №1 and 40 pupils of the Boarding School № 17 for children from poor families of Almaty.

Little athletes will train until May 24, after which they will compete in aquatlon and triathlon competitions. Gifts already prepared!


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