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05 Сентября 2019 / How did Kazakhstan athletes performed at the Triathlon World Championship

How did Kazakhstan athletes performed at the Triathlon World Championship

The main event of the season in triathlon was the World Championship, which is the Grand Final of the World Series (2019 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final), started on August 29 in Lausanne. Members of the national team of Kazakhstan Ayan Beisenbaev, Temirlan Temirov, Meirlan Iskakov and Semyon Pivovarov performed at the World Championship in U23 categories. 

The "standard" distance of Lausanne did not submit to all 64 participants starting at this category. In Kazakhstan line-up, the best result belongs to Temirlan Temirov, who finished in 25th position with a time of 1 hour 55 minutes and 22 seconds. Ayan Beisenbaev was on the 38th line of the final protocol. His result was 1 hour 57 minutes and 37 seconds. Semyon Pivovarov completed the race with the 42nd result – 1 hour 59 minutes and 41 seconds.

“Gold” went to the Spaniard Roberto Sanchez Montecon. Ksongor Leman from Hungary came finish second with the result of 1 hour 50 minutes and 36 seconds. Ran Saghiv from Israel closed the top three, losing 30 seconds to the leader. Another Kazakhstani Daniil Zubtsov performed in the category of juniors who fought for the world champion title in the “sprint” distance (750 meters swimming, 20 kilometers cycling and 5 kilometers running). Zubtsov finished in 56th position among 70 young men started.

“Frankly speaking, I can say that the performance was inefficient. This is not the maximum that our athletes are capable of. The main mistake made in the season was that everyone focused on the Spartakiad as much as possible, and there the athletes showed the best results of the season. High competition prevailed at the home Spartakiad, made them to let off the last remaining energy and did not allow to show the true strength of our athletes at the World Championship. The solution to the issue is a balanced preparation of the entire team, without exception, for the main starts of the season. But it can be implemented provided that the coaching staff will be able to agree among themselves and come to a mutually acceptable solution", – summed up the Chief Coach Andrey Glushchenko.


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