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27 Декабря 2018 / Almaty Triathlon Federation is recognized as the best federation of the year

Almaty Triathlon Federation is recognized as the best federation of the year

Before the New Year, it is customary for us to mark the end. Let's see what we are meeting in 2019. A little more than a year ago, namely on December 3, 2017, the team of the NGO "Almaty Triathlon Federation" was formed. This day can be safely considered the birthday of the Almaty professional triathlon.

What did we start with? A year ago, there were only two coaches in Almaty. Today we have six of them. We were able not only to attract such talented athletes and mentors as Maxim Mazur and Maxim Cherny from abroad, but to train our coaches — with the assistance of the Federation, two coaches in field-and-track athletics (Maxim Mzhelsky) and swimming (Vladimir Tolikin) received coaching categories for triathlon.


A year ago, there were only 4 athletes in the national team, today there are 16 of them (main and reserve teams)!
Athletes of the national team in 2018 took part in more than 10 different championships of republican and city significance. 7 "gold", 4 "silver" and 6 "bronze" medals were won. For comparison, in 2017 only participation in the Championship of Kazakhstan was taken and a silver medal was won.

Meantime, two girls - Gaziza Kumakbaeva and Darya Bychkova - became the best triathletes of Kazakhstan and, accordingly, members of the national team of the country!



Of course, these successes would not have been possible if there had been no friendly and professional team represented by the entire Almaty Triathlon Federation. In addition to taking care of the national team, the federation has another huge duty - development of triathlon in our country.

During the year, the ATF held 7 championships, of which 1 - of international importance 1 - of republican significance, 5 - of urban significance.
The main event for us was, definitely, the Asian Cup stage on Lake Sairan. Competitions of this scale were held in Almaty for the first time. More than 700 people took part in the organization of the event (together with the employees of city structures and volunteers)! These start-ups covered 50 media from Kazakhstan and from abroad. Approximate audience coverage was more than 2,400,000 people.



According to international sports experts, the Asian Cup was held without a single flaw. And the leadership of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation directly stated: Almaty has become a hub for the development of triathlon in Central Asia!

However, it was not only the startups that was marked this year for our federation. We have raised to a qualitatively new level the training of judges, in November 2018 in Almaty, the first course of lectures, held jointly with KFT, was conducted for judges and coaches in triathlon. We also launched courses for amateur triathletes.

Such intensive work has not gone unnoticed by the community. All media outlets in Kazakhstan started talking about the triathlon in Almaty - over 50 newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and TV channels are our media partners. The site of the federation works perfectly well, over the year more than 20,000 users visited it. About 400,000 people have visited the Facebook and Instagram pages during this year.



The culmination of our activity was the development and production of the first teacher guidebook “Triathlon sports training program for youth sports schools, specialized youth sports schools of the Olympic reserve, schools of higher sports skill, sports training centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, author  M. Kryat, edited by D. Sushkov, expert group: E.Kun, M.Mazur, V.Ten, Z.Tanabaeva.
There has never been such a teaching aid in our country!

In a word, a lot of work has been done. We have made our best. And this distinction has become a well-deserved reward for the activities of the federation. The President of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation, Karim Masimov, declared the Almaty Triathlon Federation "The Best Federation of the Year"!


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