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Федерация Триатлона Алматы


Public association «Almaty Triathlon Federation» was established in 2017 for the development of triathlon and cyclic sports in Almaty, holding competitions in the country and organizing the participation of leading athletes in national teams and international competitions.
The certificate of accreditation of the sports federation was received in November 2017. 


Mission: To promote the development of professional triathlon and popularization of mass triathlon.



Development of professional triathlon:


1. Creation of a material base:
•    Creation of a regional training base for cyclic sports;


2. Popularization:
•    Popularization of the triathlon among the younger generation;
•    Promoting the development of the Paralympic movement of the triathlon;
•    Development of children's triathlon;


3. Competencies:
•    Assistance in conducting an anti-doping program;
•    Creation of a scientific and methodical center for triathlon;
•    Training of trainers and judges among professionals of the triathlon;
•    Assistance in strengthening the authority and further promotion of a favorable image of our country and «Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation»  on the international sports arena;
•    Development of indoor triathlon, duathlon, aquatlon and other triathlon disciplines as a means of training the sports reserve in the triathlon.


Development of mass triathlon:


1. Competencies:
•    Preparation of a sports reserve of amateurs and professionals of the triathlon;
•    Development of a special program for the involvement of children and adolescents with a view to their involvement in trainings;
•    Popularization of triathlon in Almaty;


2. Popularization:
•    Involvement to the members of Almaty Triathlon Federation of Schools of triathlon and cyclic sports in Almaty.