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08th April 2018, Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan for duathlon was held in Almaty. This is the first event of the republican scale held by the Almaty Triathlon Federation (ATF).

At the Championship of Kazakhstan, athletes (140 people from six regions of the country) competed in two disciplines: «Duathlon-Sprint» (5 km running, 20 km bicycle race, 2.5 km running) and «Duathlon Supersprint» (2 km running, 8 km bicycle race, 1 km running). 

Participants were divided into two large categories: PRO (athletes of age categories: U15, U17, U19, U23, Elite), as well as amateurs (AGE) at the age from 18 to 60 years. 
The Championship started in the pouring rain. Although many participants were even happy about this: it's much better than running in the heat. By the way, bad weather did not affect the quality of the route and the organization of the event.

– The Championship of the country was held in Almaty for the first time, but the hosts coped with the organization, – said the Chief Judge of the starts - Sergey Gennadievich Kobzev (South-Kazakhstan region). – I think that the Almaty Triathlon Federation can very well hold the highest level of competition.

Winners of the Championship were (age category, time):

Asatbek Narmetov (U15) - 00.29.30 (South Kazakhstan region)
Timur Baimourat (U17) - 00.29.05 (Almaty region)
Vladislava Artyushenko (U17) - 00.32.43 (Almaty)
Daryn Konysbaev (U19, U23) - 01.01.56 (Almaty region)
Anastasia Mavrina (U19 U23) - 01.22.18 (East Kazakhstan region)
Maxim Kryat (Elite) - 01.01.52 (Astana)
Gaziza Kumakbaeva (Elite) - 01.20.38 (Almaty)

The winners of the Championship in absolute terms (categoty AGE) were:

Nikita Fedotkovskih – 01.03.55
Ekaterina Shatnaya – 01.16.22. 

In addition to medals, these athletes also received cash certificates for the amount of 120,000 tenge.

Organizers of the Championship: Akimat of Almaty city, Almaty Triathlon Federation, Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation, «Almaty Marathon», World Class Almaty.