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Almaty Triathlon Federation starts formation of the City's Team. 

The first Championship of the city was held in two distances. Athletes over 9 years of age participated in aquatlone (swimming - 50 m, running – 1 km). The task is complicated for the triathletes from 15 to 23 years old: they have a distance «Triathlon-Supersprint» (swimming - 300 m, bicycle stage - 8 km, running - 2 km).

Let us note that the slogan "Participate in the Championship - become a member of the Team!" gave the whole event a special status. Important thing is not just medals and certificates; the road to big sport opened to juniors. 

Chief Referee of the Championship, Head Coach of Almaty city - Pavel Artyushenko summed up the results of the event: 
- We are just forming the Almaty Team. According to the results of one competition, it is impossible to say who will enter the main team. We need more than one start, so that the backbone of the national team is selected. But already today we have outlined 12 promising guys with whom we will work. We believe that today's victories are not only the way to the City Team, and then to the National Team; this is the way to the future Olympics.

As a result of the competition, winners and prize-winners became: among boys 12-14 years old, with the result of 04:47 minutes, Alexander Ten became the Gold Medalist; in the same category among girls - Alena Sergazina became the Champion. She passes two distances for 07:42 minutes.

Among adults 21-23 years old, with the result of 25:43 minutes, the best was Rauan Nietbay, and among girls (24:53 minutes) - Zhanel Nadirova. 

Winners were awarded with medals and diplomas.